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Emotional Freedom Technique; Freedom or Farce?

Have you ever heard and wondered about the amazing effects of acupuncture on the flow of energy in your body? This well known and healing traditional form of Chinese medicine has been researched and proven to have positive effects since the late 20th Century. How about the effects of acupressure to assist with the energetic flow and “stuck points”of your emotions? You’re probably not so familiar with that concept, right? What if I told you that a simple therapeutic tapping technique could free you from daunting emotions that have crept their way back into your system over and over again such as a spider phobia, fear of public speaking, or even low confidence perpetuated by negative self talk?

Significant life events such as a parent’s severe emotional reaction of fear when seeing a spider can lock in an emotional memory to a child, marking the beginning of a lifelong phobia. The child may have initially been reaching for this curious looking little fellow, when a parent suddenly shrieks, displays horror, and whisks the child away. Now this is not to blame the parent for their own emotional reaction, which is clearly a lock down of their own unresolved past experience playing itself out over and over.

Any exposure to a shocking situation throughout life can leave this memory marker. It could derive from being suddenly laughed at and feeling humiliated as a child to more severe traumas such as being a victim of a crime or being exposed to wartime events. The surge of chemicals in the body at that moment creates a debilitating cocktail that can be served over and over when reminders, memories, or that itty bitty spider pops up again. It sure doesn’t feel or look itty bitty in the moment.

How do we get beyond this amygdala firestorm and move forward without such a reproduction? If you or a loved one have experienced such a replay you may be interested in learning more about the therapy technique I offer called Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a simple therapeutic protocol that effectively relieves this cycle and surprisingly deactivates the emotional distress. Here is one article that I personally found interesting as I, like the author, felt a sense of skepticism and silliness regarding this technique. Not until I personally experienced the positive effects for myself and witnessed it relieving my clients time and time again, was I sold.

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