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CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I)

An effective medication free method to take back control of your sleep.

Can’t get a good night’s rest? Insomnia can turn that sweet little sheep jumping the fence into a daunting bear in the bedroom. This doesn’t happen overnight. It can start with events such as an environmental change, an illness creating  imbalance, a significant loss, or possibly a change in work schedule.  Insomnia develops over many nights, weeks and months.  The perpetual sleepless nights can lead to decreased productivity, increased illness and disease, mood changes, isolation, relationship problems, job absence, financial problems, substance abuse and much more.

Think about all of the modifications people make over time in a desperate effort to get recharged.  Although well meaning, these can be unfortunate insomnia feeding behaviors. This may include alcohol, going to bed “super early”, napping during the day, over-caffeination to stay awake, and forcefully remaining in bed while wide awake watching the clock.  This effort to get rest goes unrewarded all while irritability, exhaustion and feelings of self-defeat fuel a resentment of the bedroom.  

Would you or someone you know like to break this cycle and rediscover those long gone optimal sleeping habits?  CBT-I may be the perfect treatment for you.  What to expect? This cognitive behavioral therapy will include approximately 5-10 structured sessions.   Your therapist will educate you on sleep hygiene, assess your sleep habits, and assist you with modifications that will empower you to regain your desired routine of sleeping.  You will need to make a commitment to maintain a sleep diary provided by your therapist and adjust your routine based on recommendations that derive from your specific patterns.  Your therapist will provide you with proper coaching along with data analyzed from your sleep diary to guide you toward and prove your success.  

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