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Polly is simply the best! I don't feel like I have the words to really articulate what an amazing professional she is. I chose her based on client and peer review along with her outstanding credentials and wow does she ever live up to the hype! She used EMDR and Brain Spotting to diagnose symptoms that were leading to unwanted behavior. I now have a better understanding of the potential causes and have been provided a means to cope. She truly loves her work and it shows. Thank you Polly!

David - Fernandina Beach

Polly has helped me so much. Not only has Polly helped me become a strong and positive person through EMDR, she has also help me with the release of pain. I had 2 rotor cuff surgeries and frozen shoulder in a one year period. After the recovery, I still suffered from extreme neck and shoulder pain. I went through a 1-hour EMDR session with Polly and I left pain free. It was crazy how it worked, and the overwhelming knowledge that Polly has with EMDR I would highly recommend her.  

Louise - Jacksonville

From our very first meeting, I could tell that Polly would be a great partner as I explored different areas of my life that I want to improve. She is a gifted listener and leads with both sensitivity and an incredibly intuitive nature. In fact, in our very first meeting, she quickly zeroed in on some sensory processing difficulties I was having and offered several suggestions that really proved helpful. Polly is a wonderful practitioner and I think she's truly found her calling in life!                                                                                   

CK - Ponte Vedra

I performed EMDR and Brainspotting treatments via video call with Polly, I was very reluctant at first and extremely skeptical of not having an in-person session. So much so that I kept putting it off and asked when we could do an in-person session. I was battling major anxiety and OCD that was really affecting my life and my partner's within a new relationship. After about 4-6 sessions or so I felt as though the anxiety and OCD were a figment of my imagination. It feels like a dream that I ever had the issues. Retroactive Jealousy OCD that I had appears to have been rooted in major trauma and body memories from my childhood that once finally processed with Brainspotting therapy the issues are not be affecting me at all. It feels almost hard to say because it's so unbelievable that I feel completely different only from a few sessions.  

J - Jacksonville

Polly is without a doubt the best mental health professional I've ever worked with. She is a wonderful listener and easily identifies harmful behavior patterns and seeks to make her clients their best selves. I received treatment for anxiety and panic attacks and I learned strategies that will help me for the rest of my life. While she isn't cheap, she's worth every penny. I hope to go back to her when I get a health insurance plan that covers her. I really can't give her enough praise.  - 

Female - Jacksonville

Polly was able to help my daughter very quickly with issues surrounding anxiety, stress & depression. It was a little difficult to get a teenager over to seek therapy, but Polly's demeanor and approach immediately made her feel comfortable enough to trust her to see her 2X a week. The sessions were productive and I could see results within a short time. My daughter is doing great! I can't thank Polly enough for all her help during this very challengng time.

S.R. - Jacksonville

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